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Walk in the Kingdom of Crystal northeast - part of Småland
Walking in the footsteps of the Ice Age, in ironworks and trähanteringens era and the glass mills era. lowland hikes on marked routes in the neighborhood of glasbyn Målerås. In addition to the historic wings you feel the smell of forest, lake and hear the rippling water and enjoy the tranquility of the Småland wilderness. Here is a unique blend of live glass factory, industrial history, culture, art and good food.
The Kingdom of Crystal northeast, there have been approximately 30 glassworks. The era peaked in late 1800 - and early1900-talen. 1900's. Today, there are two left Glassworks, Orrefors Målerås, and a number studioglashyttor. Under During
1700 - and 1800's there were two dominant iron, Sävsjö power and Orrefors, with ramifications for Höneström and Bark Energy. In Målerås there since the early 1930s with a leather factory shop. Fundament till Foundation for sawmills, tar kilns, charcoal huts, still ponds, cottage ruins, excavated furnaces, floating flutes, hammer mill, wolf pit, stone strings from rallartiden and plague cemetery are other historical monuments, as you pass when you walk in the Kingdom of Crystal northeast. You can also soak the rich flora and fauna, especially at Höneström.
Gråstensmon - the footprints of Ice Age
The trail is about 7 km long circular loop and has 10 stops with detailed information in English, Swedish and German. Here is one of the most interesting formations of deglaciation.The area is also one of the most valuable wetlands in Kalmar County with a large bog complex and interesting flora. Along footpath remains from houses and barns. A damming evidence of remaining operations
Power Bark - in ironworks and footsteps.
The trail is a 1.5 km long circular loop. Information panels are available in Swedish. English and German information retrieved in the mailbox at the starting point. Here was once a blast furnace, built by Orrefors ironworks. In the stream and pond ferried sooner hours and there is also a charcoal burner's hut and memories of the floating era.
Future trail - in glass epoch footprint
Trail is a 38 km long circular loop and can be divided into stages. Trail is a signposted walking and cycling path, which lies nestled in the forests of Småland in connection Målerås, Alstermo and Älghult.
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